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A dedicated approach that puts clients first…

Money is personal. We believe investors deserve a partner that will provide them with a bespoke investment experience tailored to their needs and objectives.  


Financial Planning Considerations 

The six universal financial planning considerations are potential barriers investors may face when working toward their goals. We believe that it’s important to evaluate investor sentiment towards each consideration through a succinct questionnaire. This allows us to examine the potential effects of these considerations on an investor’s assets today and in the future. 

Dream Cap Financial Planning Process
Financial Planning with clients  In Miami


First, we gain an understanding of each client’s current financial situation, goals, and objectives, incorporating six universal considerations of holistic financial planning. 

Next, we design an investment strategy that aims to optimize our clients’ wealth and protect their finances, keeping each person’s goals and objectives at the forefront of our planning process. 

Lastly and continually, we work to ensure transparency of the investment strategy by providing visibility, proactive outreach, and accessibility to our team. 


At Dream Cap Investments, we understand the importance of financial security and the need for sound financial advice.

We specialize in Rollover IRAs, and other investment types of accounts. We first aim to understand each client's risk tolerance via a proprietary algorithm rooted in the well-known Value at Risk (VaR) measurement. We then focus on conducting research, reducing volatility, growth potential, and monitoring regularly. Our focus is on providing our clients with the information and guidance they need to make the best financial decisions.

Designing an Investment plan report


At Dream Cap Investments, we help you design annuities that fit your risk tolerance, growth and income needs. With our expertise and guidance our goal is to provide you with the best advice and tools to help you plan for your future. We partner with many of the leading carriers to bring you Annuity solutions tailored to your exact needs. With the help of annuities we are often able to leverage market volatility through fixed indexed models. With careful planning we can even address concerns for long term care income needs with an Annuity rider. Your situation will dictate if there is a need, and how we design the annuity plan.

Annuity Quotes & Info


Life insurance plays a pivotal role in safeguarding individuals and their loved ones from unforeseen financial hardships. It is intended to ensure that funeral expenses, debts, and living costs are covered after passing. 

We leverage the use of life insurance to also offer peace of mind for small businesses through Executive Bonus plans, and or Key Person policies. If designed properly, Universal or Whole life policies can provide access to tax free use of cash value, or even use of living benefits for use of Chronic, Critical or Terminal illness.

Life Insurance Coverage Family
Medicare health plan application


Health insurance serves as a crucial safeguard against unexpected medical expenses that could otherwise derail one's financial stability. For that reason our staff puts an emphasis in healthcare planning. 

We assist our clients with bridging the gap in healthcare with Marketplace plans (AKA Obamacare) prior to qualifying for Medicare. At 65 we enroll for medicare coverage through Medigap / Supplement plans, Medicare advantage / Part C, and prescription drug coverage. 

Further we assist in Incorporating other comprehensive plans that provide coverage in case of disability or long term care income needs.   

 Financial report and retirement planning


At Dream Cap Investments we take pride in designing a retirement plan that our clients understand and feel confident about. To achieve success in retirement planning it is imperative to consider the 6 potential financial barriers that investors may face when working toward their goals. Our plan addresses the following potential risks: Longevity, Liquidity, Inflation, Market Volatility, Mortality, and Taxes.

Through time and experience we learned that when these areas are properly addressed, the chance of success in retirement increases greatly. 

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