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Before you start investment make sure to....

With so much information and resources available today, it is no longer a secret that investing can help you crush your financial goals. Compound interest is often considered to be 8th wonder of the world. Savings alone is usually not enough to get through to life. We believe however that there are some pre-requisites to pass before we can start investing. In this post we share what we believe are the first 4 steps to achieve before you embark in your investment journey.

  1. UNDERSTAND YOUR CASH-FLOW & MAKE A BUDGET: Sum up all monthly income coming inand all expenses leaving your account on a monthly basis. Tweak your budget so your income is covering all your expenses and stick to it. A healthy cashflow means you are having moremoney coming then leaving your account.

  2. BUILD AND EMERGENCY FUND: Your emergency fund should cover 3 months of expenses if there are 2 incomes in the household and 6 months if there is one source. Look for a high yield savings account to stack away your fund.

  3. PAY DOWN HIGH INTEREST DEBT: Many of us try to skip this step but it is usually counter intuitive to invest when having debt at high interests. Youend up having negative cashflows from passive investments VS debts.

  4. PROTECT YOURSELF WITH INSURANCE: Not having Health, Life, Property & Casualty insurance can set you back many years. It can sometimes be detrimental to your family if proper coverages are not in place. Some individuals may even require more complex types of insurance for businesses, and high net worth liabilities.

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